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The commercialisation of science and technology enabled innovation is a serious topic of interest for a wide range of global audiences who share one common objective: to understand how science and technology based ideas can be turned into commercial value more effectively. Despite the vast number of publications addressing entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy there is relatively little in the literature which systematically addresses the structures, processes and mechanisms involved in turning ideas into commercially valuable propositions: this book is intended to directly address this gap.

The approach in Camels, Tigers & Unicorns consists of three fundamental strands:
Research insights based on Phadke and Vyakarnam's large data set covering the different players, technologies, products and services, market spaces, customers and business modelsThe creation of an explicit new conceptual framework which provides an integrated narrative describing how science and technology-enabled innovation is commercialisedThe provision of tools and examples which can be used by firms to develop strategies, agree on priorities and generate plans.
The contents of this book should be of interest to a wide range of audiences including entrepreneurs; leaders and managers in technology firms; scientists and technologists engaged in innovation in academic institutions and corporate environments; lone inventors; groups of scientific entrepreneurs operating outside recognised structures; business and strategy consultants; managers of public and private 'intervention agencies' such as incubators and accelerators; investors; and, policy makers.
Contents:Models, Chasms, and Vectors:Science and Technology-Enabled InnovationEconomic Paradigms and the Meso-Economic EnvironmentThe Triple Chasm ModelChasm-Crossing and Commercialisation VectorsCustomers, Propositions, and Synthesis:Market SpacesProposition Framing and the Competitive EnvironmentCustomer DefinitionTechnology Development and DeploymentSynthesising New Products and ServicesManufacturing and AssemblyStrategy, Funding, and Go-to-Market:Distribution, Marketing, and SalesCommericialisation StrategyBusiness ModelsIntellectual Property ManagementFunding and InvestmentHuman Capital: Talent, Leadership, and CultureThe Commercialisation Canvas, Actors, and Interventions:The Commercialisation Canvas for Single-Product FirmsCommercialising Across BordersActors, Roles, and InterventionsInnovation in Mature Firms: The Corporate ChallengeOrchestrating the Journey: The WorkbenchThe Commercialisation Manifesto
Readership: Scientists and technologists, entrepreneurs, educators, start-up firms, larger firms, investors, economists and those responsible for developing and executing industrial polices.
Triple Chasm Model;Science and Technology;Innovation;Commercialisation;Modified Technology Readiness Levels;Entrepreneurship0

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