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Michael R Shannon turns his talent for humor and analysis to the everyday problems faced by Christians who don't happen to have a doctorate in theology or live in a monastery. All too often our pastor's Sunday sermons prepare us to go toe–to–toe with a Pharisee in Jerusalem circa 32 AD, but leave us totally unprepared to counter the Wiccan in the checkout line or evaluate daily news coverage thru a Christian worldview.

So it's no wonder many Christians lose their faith each Sunday as they exit the church parking lot. That’s where Michael R Shannon can help.
He’s not boring, he’s not wishy–washy and he’s not a theologian. Shannon is simply a conservative Christian that’s not afraid to confront a culture that actively works to undermine faith and the family.

Shannon blows the whistle on leftists that attempt to recruit Jesus into liberal politics, reporters that moonlight as do–it–yourself theologians and he's ready with helpful pointers for Christian leaders who grow faint–hearted during secular confrontations.

You'll never look at politics or current events the same way after reading this thought–provoking, funny and wise book. Plus, it's all yours for less than the price of a gallon of gas! (Assuming you live in NY or CA and are forced by your auto manufacturer to buy premium gasoline. And you don't have a Costco membership.)

See why advance reviews have been uniformly positive!

“Funny and controversial, Michael Shannon’s “A Conservative Christian Guidebook” is worth the read for believers and those who aren’t!”

“This book has something for everyone, including profound insights that are often profoundly funny. Get your copy today, you won’t be sorry.”
Michael Reagan
President of The Reagan Legacy Foundation
Chairman of the League of American Voters

“Exposés from the scintillating pen of celebrated conservative columnist Michael Shannon have long kept secularists on the run. His harpooning them with humor appeals to Christian Conservatives because it proves the last laugh belongs to the good side in the ongoing battle of Good and Evil.”
Judi McLeod
Canada Free Press Editor

“Michael R Shannon is an ICONIC writer who has the ability to capture a readers attention through a great sense of humor and rational thoughts - just a plain common sense guy.”
Hank Richards
Editor PROnline News

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August 26
Michael R Shannon