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Book One: Heat in the Kitchen
As the billionaire head of a major company, Ethan Richmond feels the weight of his enormous responsibilities crushing down on him, until he meets the one woman who can set him free by tying him up. Jocelyn Ricci is the beautiful and talented chef he hired to work in his kitchen, but she has a passion for more than just cooking and can see the stress that her handsome boss is under. When Jocelyn offers to introduce Ethan to the kinky world of bondage and domination sex games by playing the part of his Mistress, things in the kitchen really heat up! The steamy affair turns Ethan into a new man, but not everybody is happy about it and will do everything they can to ruin him. Will things get too hot for them or are they just getting warmed up?

Book Two: Turning up the Heat
Billionaire businessman, Ethan Richmond, revels in the new world of sex games taught to him by Jocelyn Ricci, the beautiful and talented women who acts as his personal chef by day and his sexual Mistress by night. The more she turns up the heat sexually, the more they both like it; until someone tries turning up the heat on Ethan with a threat of blackmail. Will he have to pay the price to keep his kinky role as her sex slave a secret? Worse than that, will he lose the woman he’s grown to love just to avoid further scandal?

Book Three: Into the Fire
Ethan Richmond, the handsome and successful billionaire, is everything Jocelyn Ricci ever wanted in a man. He’s kind, intelligent, witty, and best of all he loves playing the kinky sex game she enjoys by acting as her sex slave. When she first went to work in his mansion as a chef, she never imagined that one day she’d become his Mistress. Then, Ethan made Jocelyn’s worst fears come true by asking her to move into his mansion with him. Will she plunge into the fire and reveal her deepest secret to him, or will their love affair go up in a puff of smoke?

Book Four: Perfect Dish
Ethan Richmond is a billionaire turned fugitive and Jocelyn Ricci is his chef, turned lover and Mistress. Their love and passion for each other have survived many things, but now they must find a way to overcome the false accusations being made against him. Jocelyn’s had many times in her life when it looked like all the ingredients were wrong and she was still able to turn them into a perfect dish. Ethan is more than just her sex slave, he’s the one man she truly loves, and she’ll do whatever it takes to clear his name so they can have their happily ever after.

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