Dark Magic Manual

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Dark Magic Manual is a handbook on occultism that teaches the left-hand path of the magical arts. If you want to learn the genuine teachings and practices of dark magic, then this is the course that you need to take. This handbook will give you the right foundational knowledge and practices to learn and personally experience the power and wonder of dark magic. 

Dark Magic Manual teaches how you can harness the power of the dark side. It should be noted that dark magic does not always mean evil. In fact, in ancient times, there were wizards and witches engaged in dark magic who helped humanity. Sadly, through the years, the term dark magic has been tagged with a negative meaning and symbolism. This is just one of the ways the modern world manipulates people so that you will not be able to discover the power and greatness of true dark magic. 

There is darkness in every human heart. The quality or state of being dark is a natural part of being human, and even of being alive. It is just how life, especially human life, is all about. Just as there is night, so is there darkness in the heart. Again, darkness does not mean evil. In fact, darkness is light — if only you get to understand what light is more fully, as well as if you look into it. 

Dark Magic Manual will not just leave you with knowledge that you cannot apply, but this is rather a course — an active course — that will allow you to learn and experience the force of dark magic. Needless to say, you will undergo training. If you take this training to heart and practice the techniques herein sincerely, then you shall be initiated into the dark side of magic and be one of its dark magicians, wizards, witches, or whatever name or title you consider yourself to be. May the force of dark magic show you the inner light — the everlasting light that burns in you.

Dark Magic Manual is your key to inner power. It will reveal to you the power that lies within. You shall know who you truly are and be able to evoke your true power. Now is the time to unleash real magical power, realize who you truly are, and be free.

Remember: it is in darkness where light shines more brightly.

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26 de novembro
Albertus Crowley

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