Divination Using Ordinary Playing Cards

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Divination Using Ordinary Playing Cards is an occult codex that teaches the secret craft of divination with a regular deck of cards. It is well to note that playing cards were taken from the Tarot. As such, they have the divinatory qualities that are also present in Tarot cards. Some witches and shamans do not like using Tarot cards in public as they easily catch the attention of prying eyes. Once you learn how to divine using ordinary playing cards, you can use your divinatory skills anywhere without being noticed — and all you need is a regular deck of cards. 

Divination Using Ordinary Playing Cards will give you the right foundational knowledge and practices in order to allow you to learn and actually engage in the magical art of divination using regular cards. This magical practice will not only allow you to divine into the future and through time, but it will also develop your overall magical and psychic faculties. 

Learning to divine using ordinary playing cards is not difficult. If you are willing to put in at least 30 minutes of practice daily, then this is a magical craft that you can do and even master. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate practitioner, then there is something that you can learn and enjoy in the magic that is revealed in these pages. This magic is of ancient and divine origin. The truth is that divination using playing cards is just like any other divinatory techniques — it is a pure magic of the mind. Although the cards (and other tools) help, this does not change the fact that they are just tools. True magic still lies within. 

Divination Using Ordinary Playing Cards will teach you the meaning of each card, as well as the secret method of giving your own meaning and reading to every card. This way, you will be sure that you can always get something from every spread and every draw of a card. Yes, you shall learn to read and understand the language of the universe. By doing so, you will be able to penetrate the mysteries and unlock hidden knowledge and powers. 

If you pursue this path of magic, remember to do so with love and kindness in your heart — always with love and kindness. This is not just a craft about peaking into the future, but it will change you as a person and even make you realize your own divinity. 

Are you ready for real magic? If yes, then come and join the awakening of real occult powers. With love and light, may the blessings of divine magic be with you always, and all ways. 

Let us begin…

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29 de outubro
Albertus Crowley

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