Eye Training

A Begginers Drawing Workbook “Teaching a Way of Life”

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This eye training/beginning drawing workbook focuses on engaging the learner in a series of visual exercises the author likes to call, visual calisthenics. They are warm up drills, as in athletics or music or any other hand-eye coordination activity, take repetition, do over, and repeat. The concept assumes the reader is a total beginner, no experience or little experience in drawing. Similar to sitting at the piano for the first time playing a whole note/ half/note, or beginning golf or beginning any activity for the first time. You need a good coach or teacher to direct fundamentals you can practice to improve your skill level.

The exercises or calisthenics were designed by Professor/ Art Coach, Douglas A. Eckheart, a 45 year veteran art instructor at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa. Professor Eckhearts philosophy includes, TO DRAW=eye training= new awareness= change therapy= new person.

This workbook concept emphasizes the word, WORK and directs the participant through a series of brief written easy to understand instructions followed by hand-eye coordination calisthenics, and by drawing directly into the booklet.

Read a little, draw a lot!! Practice, practice, practice!! Hit a thousand gold balls, shoot hundreds of free throws. To go beyond whole note/ half note from Mary had a little Lamb, to Mozart will take practice. Get instruction-then repeat!

Art coach Eckheart sez, Do you want to change?? Do you want to see into your world and not just look at it?? Do you want to activate the inner you?? Try this workbook- change your life.

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