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Genre: Gay Straight First Time Bundle / Best Friends Love Stories 

Whether it's two best friends - one gay, one straight - trapped on a island with no other relief in sight, two buddies - one black, one white - both gay - coming together in the 1980's, or a straight friend taking the plunge into homosexuality while on vacation, each man will see why they can't remain 100% straight (especially when it's their best friend).

This 23,200+ best friends to gay lovers set includes three short stand alone stories: Straight to Gay Castaway, Gay Interracial Cowboy Romance, and Gay For My Best Friend.

Straight to Gay Castaway

When their plane goes down in the middle of the Pacific, it leaves Roger and his gay friend, Wade, stranded and very short on supplies. They need to find food, shelter and somehow send a message for help. 

Unfortunately, the work gets stalled as BOTH men find themselves distracted and unsure. Wade is frustrated and confused. Roger is his friend and there has never been anything between them… but is there now? 

Gay Interracial Cowboy Romance

The 1980’s are a time of discovery and repression – love may be flourishing but certain types are viewed harshly. Interracial love affairs are bad enough, but homosexual attraction is deemed unnatural and even dangerous, especially in a small country town with more hang ups than people. 

When Tyrone and Mike, two ranch hands with muscles and love to spare find themselves irresistibly attracted to one another, they face challenges they can only fight together. 

In this unaccepting world, how can they possibly trust each other with their secrets? 

Gay For My Best Friend

Brandon and Chris are best friends. They share just about everything except their sexual preference. The arrangement has worked great for Brandon so far, not only is Chris his best friend, but he is the perfect wingman with translation skills that help Brandon with the Mexican chicas he favors. 

All that goes sideways when a bad decision leads to a sticky situation (and not the good kind). Now they have to 'prove' they're gay to get out of trouble. Just a simple kiss and they'll be on their way. When that kiss finally happens, things don’t seem so ‘simple’ anymore… 

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Tabatha Christi

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