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To say Emily Dugan's life has been a blur is an understatement. She's lost her job, her boyfriend is in love with someone else and he's kicked her out of their apartment.

Ready to recoup, she's heading to sunny California to visit her grandmother for some relaxation. But when she finds out Grandy's cooking school has been plagued by a series of mysterious fires, Emily's shocked. Only her surprise turns to instant heat when she meets sexy-as-sin arson investigator Drew Perry.

When Emily literally faints at his feet, Drew's certainly flattered. Of course, her collapse may have had more to do with her pregnancy than him! Now, instead of focusing on the firebug on the loose, Drew finds himself fantasizing about Emily…day and night. And what's a guy to do when the woman you want makes it crystal clear she's having the same delicious thoughts?

About the author

Ever since she heard her first fairy tale, award winning Harlequin author, Jamie Denton, always believed in happily-ever-after and the power of love. In her opinion, there's nothing quite as heart-warming as the happy ending for a hero and heroine who overcome the odds. Always one to seek out challenge, Jamie embraced her first challenge at the age of sixteen when she married her high school sweetheart. Still happily married a whole lot of years later, she recalls with great fondness the first time she saw her own personal hero and knew, even at that tender age, that he was the one for her. With a history like that, what else could she write except Romances?

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