History of Japan: From Early History to the Present Day

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History of Japan: From early history to the present day

Introduction to Japan's history

Are you interested in the history of Japan?

Would you like to know more about the peculiarities and characteristics of each Japanese epoch?

"Marco Polo was the first to mention the Japanese territory of Eastern Asia around 1300 in his writings. Zipango (the medieval name for Japan in Europe) was in his mind a land covered with gold, silver and pearls. This and many other mysteries persisted until the first actual arrival of globetrotters from Europe. Japan was a distant beauty to explore.

Today, Japan likes to present itself to the public as a unit. However, the complexity of its culture can quickly be guessed if one considers the geographically extensive area (377,835 km²) on which the country stretches. Differences in religion, language and cuisine are therefore indispensable. The different climate zones that Japan encompasses also contribute to the country's diversity."

You'll find out in this book:

... Japan and its origins

... The Early History of Japan (about 30,000 years ago to 300 AD)

... Antiquity (300 – 1192 AD)

... The middle ages (1192-1603): The period of the shoguns and Samurai

... Early Modern Age: Time for Peace and Cultural Developments

... Modernity: Japan's role in World War I and World War II, Pearl Harbour and much more.

... Heisei period: Japan today - culture, trends etc

... And much more!

Secure the book today and immerse yourself in the history of Japan!

10 de agosto
Viktoria Niebuhr

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