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What would you do if your vacation destination turned into a crime scene?

Hwang-ya is not very well known South Korean village. It has fresh air and beautiful green landscapes overflowed with peace. Perfect place to relax.
But only if you don’t wander into deep woods and discover something you shouldn’t have discovered…

U-NIGHT is a famous South Korean vocal-dance group. They are ordinary guys with only one disadvantage: bad luck on extreme level. Supernatural phenomena, murderers and shocking mystery cases accompany their celebrity life.
One day they finally got a vacation from their agency and soon were involved in a mystery of the village, with later unpleasant consequences. They thought it was just their imagination, but one of the members really saw him that night – a man in a black coat and with hood covering his face.
Soon they understood that this was only the beginning. In short, an ordinary day in messed up world.
And how YOUR day began?

'I woke up after an hour, because I got thirsty, and went downstairs to get some water from the kitchen. I scratched my head, not fully awake. When I was drinking, I heard a noise and turned.
Before me stood a tall hooded man, who asked me with familiar voice,
“Roses or thorns?”
I froze as he stretched out his hand to me.'

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Luka Claw

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