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The first three books in the Inferi Dii Series:


The one thing Syrus Alcot, the God of Death Osiris in the Egyptian Pantheon, wants in all the worlds is the woman he loved and lost returned to him. When he gave up his powers, and freedom for a life of service he was promised her return. That was over one thousand years ago. A member of a team of dark gods charged with keeping humanity safe, he leads a loveless existence in New York City, searching for the one thing that could bring his wife back to him, a lapis scarab that was lost to him ages before. Gwen Stapleton, a mild mannered librarian, is unaware that she holds the key to not only Syrus’ happiness, but her own. Seemingly stuck in a hopeless relationship with a man she doesn’t love, she has no idea that a chance meeting in Alphabet City will start a landslide to her heart’s content. Because Gwen is the keeper of the scarab, and is everything Syrus has ever wanted… and hes not the only one. An Ancient evil is waking, and its servants will stop at nothing to see it seize its rightful place as the new pantheon of earth. And in order for Syrus and his team to save the world, Gwen is going to have to accept him, and show that love does make all the difference.


When Dezi North walks into a metaphysical shop to find his date murdered, he doesn’t expect to find his Keeper standing there, asking him questions about his alibi. But the woman before him is everything he’s always secretly wanted and nothing he expected to find. Detective Lexington Cooper is not fazed at all by the slick suit wearing man who has just become her prime suspect. His manner and his candor don’t do anything but upset her. It surely doesn’t set her body to waken. No, not at all. When a second body is found, and it’s another of Dezi’s friends, her suspicions deepen, until she gets an up close and personal view of what is really killing the woman in his life. Struck with the realization that monsters are real, and so are gods, can she come to grips with this new information, and accept that not only is she now a part of the madness, but the man she’s not so sure about is the key to her heart’s desire?


The Inferi most far removed from happiness, Arlo Milori hides it well. A god forsaken by his own pantheon out of callousness, a man starved for a connection, he has given up on finding his Keeper or the relic that will lead her to him. But when a woman that inflames every sense he has walks into his life, he can’t help but hope she is the reason for his tenure as an Inferi. Beautiful, sexy, wild and Goth, she is everything he has ever wanted in a woman, and more. A chance encounter leaves him partially awakened, and sure she is his, with just one problem. She is his enemy, and both the woman and his relic are in the hands of Marrow Industries’ CEO, Nathan Danvers. Convincing her they were meant to be is going to be life altering for both of them. A woman bent on revenge, her self-worth skewed by circum- stance, she can’t wrap her head around why anyone would treat her like a many cherished thing. She cannot understand why Arlo is so focused on her, and when time starts to run out, will he pay the ultimate price and lose her, or have her in his bed and in his arms for all time? After all, the Inferi were each promised a love for the ages… and Arlo will stand for nothing less ever again.

S.A. Price

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