Introduction to Awakening of Twin-Flames

Souls of the Divine God & Goddess of the Universe, “The Goddess Reborn”

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Everyone will learn about the twins, who we are together, and what our mission here is. It is part of a sacred agreement between the twins before we entered into this life and is our purpose and mission to help with the earths ascension through elevated states of higher conscious awareness of love and becoming wholesome together in union. Splendid plan! Whether you are newly awakened twin flames or curious to know about the twins and the purpose of the father and mother to return us all into a higher conscious love, you will get helpful insight on how to handle your ascension process and learn what to do during your awakening as discovered by Venus to help with the ascension.

This book will help to understand not only about the twin-flame union but also the very powerful awakenings and shifts that happened on 11/11/11 by the god and goddess of the universe to awaken the twin flames, which was a huge portal that opened up to usher in and bring together the new wave of twins and bring them back into their divine and sacred unions all over the earth. Everyone around the world felt this huge shift take place in some way but did not know the reason for what had occurred. The shifting continues to take place today because of the energy that is here, which is twin-flame energy. You will learn what it was like for me and the occurrences that happened from that period through the present and who the twins are as already ascended beings.

Their mission in coming together is to bring love and light through our unique talents and individual gifts we share together, and it is needed at this point in time and has been expected for the good of humanity. We bring higher levels of conscious awareness as multidimensional beingsa new paradigm shift. You will learn about our journeys together and apart as weve taken on the struggles of life and awakened to who we are while in this physical reality. You will also learn about the seven basic chakras within the outer (etheric) or subtle body and how it is used to connect to open communication portals within the twins. Also the awakenings taking place will help push us forward in spiritual evolution not only for ourselves but to help others all over the planet. Twin flames for a higher-consciousness love is a walk into divinity.

Religião e espiritualidades
10 de agosto
Balboa Press

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