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The great war of Israel's annihilation looms near as God prepares his special people.  There's just enough time left for Jacob to experience the salvation of Israel and come to a loving relationship of his own with God and an extraordinary woman. 

In the midst of the human suffering that accompanies the descent of world government into a monolithic, repressive and all-seeing despotic tyranny representing the reign of the long-anticipated antichrist, Earl and Joyce Cook and several Jewish fugitives are on the run from a death camp where God has intervened through a devastating earthquake to free them.

With their leader Jacob Perlman at the helm, they have commandeered a military truck and are heading cross-country into an unforgettable adventure that will see Earl and Joyce parting company from Jacob to pursue their own unique mission within the boundaries of the old United States, now part of the North American Region.  Jacob, meanwhile, along with the other newly-minted Messianic Jews, has been given a critical mission of their own.  Somehow, they must find a way to reach the besieged Jewish homeland of Israel to share the knowledge that the Holy Spirit has imparted to them.

Their adventures merge into the events foretold long ago by Jesus and the ancient prophets Daniel, Ezekiel and Zechariah as the world, driven by power-drunk madmen under the control of their evil master Satan, heads unavoidably into the final Battle of Armageddon.  As in the previous two novels of the Buddy Series, the adventures color insights into the nature of God that are suitable for an in-depth Bible Study of concepts and associations rarely, if ever, presented to the lay public.

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