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Because life's too long to be appropriate...

On the verge of losing the Malibu home she inherited from her great-aunt, Addi Dekker is failing hard to show her family she can make it as a writer. If she doesn’t want to give up her dream and go back to the soul-sucking job she happily left behind, Addi has to swallow her dislike of Hollywood and rent her bungalow out to the sexy-as-hell film producer who stole from her.

But, she has a plan (shhhh!) she'll stay out of the camera's eye and keep living there, too. It was time for Tinseltown to pay up.

Roque Gallagher is pouring his heart and savings into his first independent film to make the industry acknowledge him for his talent and not just his family name. Addi’s home is perfect for the shoot, but she’s far too tempting. He’s never been able to handle work and a relationship, and this is the film of a lifetime. Between a shrinking budget and his director quitting, the last thing he needs is a sexy-as-sin tease like Addi.

And he has a feeling there's something she's hiding...

Just a Little Camera Shy, a Scripted for Love novel book 2 by best selling author MK Meredith is a laugh out loud and swoony romance that will keep you turning the pages! Read as a series or standalone.

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