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Descrição da editora

What would you do if you were the son of the last great Martian Hunter? You'd save the world from the Martians that are robbing children of their souls, that's what. You probably wouldn't do it with a broken down dog, a faded comic book hero, a lumbering ex-con man-child, two intergalactic seniors and a mysterious silver box left to you by your deceased father. Then again, you're not Mattius... Earthquakes can't dent it. Tsunamis can't drown it. Volcanoes can't melt it. But Earth meets its match on the day when a flashy red trailer pulls into the orphanage Mattius calls home. The strange couple that come with it take all the children with them. Only Mattius stays behind with his old dog D-Rex, for Mattius realizes these two strangers are the very Martians his father had battled his whole life. Until the day he died. Mattius embarks on his journey to save the children with a cosmically savy geriatric couple that rescues him from the Martian clutches in a station wagon powered by Plutonian technology. Along the way, they pick up some serious reinforcements including Johnny Jetset, an over the hill television super hero and his biggest fan, a giant man-child who wears an old pair of underwear stretched over his face as a sidekick mask. And then there's Neptune, a chicken with a serious knack for kicking butt. Woefully outmatched, Mattius has a few tricks of his own, like homemade lasers attached to his wrists and a mysterious silver box his father has left him for his final fight. As they race toward the Martian base, Mattius learns that the Martians are stripping the earth of its most valuable resource: the souls of its children. And that's only the beginning of it.

Ficção e literatura
Rick Zubrycki