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What Is The Mediterranean Diet And Why Should I Be Following It?

There are numerous diets on the market that advocate a diet that is either restrictive in the amount of calories a person eats or specifically excludes a certain type of nutrient. The goal of the typical “fad diet” is usually always weight loss – and some of them are even successful, at least in the short term. So what is the Mediterranean Diet and how is it different?

There are two things that fad diets usually have in common. They are usually not effective as a long term approach to how you should be eating and instead provide a short term solution whose results are almost always fleeting. How many people do you know that have lost 20 pounds from their “latest diet” only to put that weight back on, with interest, soon after discontinuing the diet?

The other thing these diets have in common is that they usually have as their single goal weight loss. They focus on calorie restriction or nutrient selection as a means to achieve weight loss, and are not necessarily focused on good long term health.

The Mediterranean Diet Explained: Recipes For Weight Loss And Healthier Living

The Mediterranean Diet is different because it advocates a way of eating that is beneficial for long term health AND can help you to lose weight. Studies of people who follow this type of diet have shown that they are at a significantly lower risk of many illnesses, including cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. This book will explain aspects of this diet in addition to offering recipe suggestions for each meal of the day!

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