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Using a form of knowing made popular by Neale Donald Walsch, Naja Li's unique insight stands outside all religious and philosophical traditions. This Guide is written for anyone who would like to do space clearing for themselves. Although you may not have the gift of clairaudience, or insight into the life that lies beyond, Naja wants everyone to know that is not necessary to pay a shaman or a healer to do it for you. All you need is the willingness to open your heart, and perhaps a little bit of courage. For you must know that within your heart lies the possibility to connect with those who have gone before and who wish the very best for you.
This guide also explains how to use incense to call the ancestral energy of Li into your life. However, whilst previous Guides have focused on how you may benefit from the guidance of the ancestors, this Guide offers rare insight into how your ancestors may benefit from your prayers. For as you pray for souls of an ancestral line, the strength of that line increases as souls are reunited. In this way, through prayer and compassion, those who belong together may be as one in light.
The reason that specific incense blends are included is because these blends create better connections with the non-material world. You are welcome to use them for your own purposes however, the author offers the following caution: these blends are very powerful and have strong effects. For this reason it is advisable to abide by the cautions provided in the text. In particular, do not ask your ancestors for money and do not use these methods to wish harm upon another person.
As is customary in the introduction to these Guides, I cordially ask the reader to overlook the arguable androcentric terms 'man' and 'mankind'. As someone who 'hears' I find that it is just easier for me to write down exactly what I hear, rather than edit and adapt it for my audience. Please know that no offence is intended. Perhaps instead you will turn your mind to considering how extraordinary it is that a woman gets to hear / interpret an ancient Feng Shui tradition - one that died out over 3,000 years ago, a time in which such traditions would almost certainly not have been transmitted to a female.

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21 de março
Naja Li

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