Once Bitten, Twice Dead (A Monster High YA Novel) Once Bitten, Twice Dead (A Monster High YA Novel)

Once Bitten, Twice Dead (A Monster High YA Novel‪)‬

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Get your spook on with the classic Monster High characters—the ghouls that started it all—while they hit up their old haunts in this all-new, original YA novel starring Draculaura, set in the world of Mattel’s Monster High, and written by author Tiffany Schmidt
When a horrific loss throws Monster High into a state of grave upheaval, Draculaura and the other ghouls find themselves coping in different ways. Cleo and her family sense opportunity in the mayhem, grasping at control and leaving the rest of the ghouls’ loyalties divided.
For her part, the chaos at school is making Draculaura sick. She feels more exhausted by the day, and she finds escape only by slipping away to the cemetery to pore over her mom’s old journals. It’s there that she meets Poe, a handsome human harboring some darkness of his own. Soon Draculaura finds herself caught in an impossible web of lies. If her ghoulfriends find out she’s fallen for a normie, they’ll freak. And if Poe discovers she’s a vampire, his monster-hunting dad may have a stake in the matter.
Meanwhile, dangerous events have begun plaguing the halls of Monster High. The gargoyles stage a mutiny, and the water in the swimming pool boils while Lagoona is swimming laps. When the magical protections around the school borders falter and a group of normies stumble onto campus, Draculaura and the other ghouls know something needs to be done before Monster High becomes Monster Die.
But there’s a secret about Draculaura that no one—not Poe, the other ghouls, or even she—was aware of until now: a secret tied to the school’s very marrow. When Draculaura and Ghoulia uncover ancient texts that reveal the full implications of her identity, Draculaura is forced to make an impossible choice that will alter her identity forever.
Will her loyalties to Monster High determine all their fates? Or will Draculaura succumb to a dangerous passion that makes her feel more . . . alive than she ever has?

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