Outwitting The PMP Exam

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★ New Revised Edition for PMBOK Sixth Edition with AGILE
★ Proven Strategies And Tips That Will Help You Pass The PMP Exam On Your First Attempt
Do you know that more than 55% of the people fail in their first attempt to pass the PMP Exam? Also, if you fail 3 times within a year, you have to wait a whole year before you can try it again, not to forget the struggle of studying again and the expenses associated with the re-exam. Worst! if the PMBOK changes.

Almost all PMP Certified said: "The exam is not that difficult, but need to have an effective strategy to nail it". Then why should you spend months on cramming pages of books and studying materials that merely consumes your time and energy and returns little value for your exam?

Honestly, no one cares if you study hundreds of books or just spend a few weeks prepping for the exam. The only thing that matters is a flash message on your exam computer screen stating "Congratulations! on Passing the PMP Exam".

Do you want to know how this is possible?

The answer lies in "By Studying Smart!

So, why not get it done the smart way!


If you ask the Super PMPs, they will say "Passing this exam is not that difficult if you understanding the exam, and know how can you crack the code behind it. Once you know how to and what to expect and the best way to outsmart (aka outwit) it, you will pass this exam with flying colors".

So, what do you get in this guide?

A Two and a Half Months Study Plan that focuses on one thing: PMP CERTIFICATION. The study plan will guide you on how to read PMBOK + AGILE and any of the supplement guides like Rita Mulcahy's "PMP Exam Prep" or Andy Crowe's "The PMP Exam" or Head First PMP.
How to apply SWOT analysis on your path PMP Certification
10 myths about the PMP Exam you should stop believing now
10 killer don'ts and 10 must do's before you set your foot in the exam center
Know 50 essential question types in the test
Learn how to crack the PMP exam in 2 1/2 hours, the smart way.
Also, you will get access to tons of free online question banks and resources that will make passing the PMP Exam extremely easy.

We are not talking about shooting blind shots and hoping for a hit. This guide is an outcome of more than 12,000 candidate appraisals; careful evaluation of exams spanning over 13 years and hundreds of certification aspirants mentored to success.

To ensure your success, the resources provided in this guide do not end here. You will also get a must-read chapters like:

Exam cheat sheet by Knowledge Areas
23 exam hacks that will supercharge your results
28 winning habits of "The Super Successful" PMPs
Get access to Rita Mulcahy's Online Process Game developed especially for Outwitting readers to help maximize your skills quickly. Also, you will find the exam revision template, lessons learned document and tons of other stuff.

This strategy guide will not supplement but will help understand PMBOK + AGILE better to help you pass the exam in your first attempt; saving you months of preparation time, and money wasted on repeat tries.

In just two hours, it will give you everything you need to understand the dynamics of the exam and ace it like a pro.

Do not waste one more precious minute of your's, grab the opportunity when you find the key to unlock your success.

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