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The purpose of this research is to identify the latest television trends and their impact on the Dutch television market. In order to identify the latest trends, two research questions were formulated: ''Which trends can be recognized on the international television market?'' and ''How will these trends influence the Dutch television market?'' A qualitative content analysis has been conducted in which ten leading channels and producers are researched. The Content Analysis resulted in six major trends: Scripted Media, Dating, Interactivity, VOD, All-in-One App and Drones. Ten professionals discussed all trends and their potential impact during personal interviews. The professionals agreed that VOD (Video On Demand) would have the largest impact on the Dutch television industry. Besides that, the VOD trend was linked to the popularity of the Scripted Media. Most of the trends seem to ignite from modern technologies such as Apps, Internet websites and Social Media. As a result of my research, I recommend my company (Dutch Camels Media) and the media industry to focus on Internet as the future preferred platform for television. Television shows can be sold online, shows can be promoted online and VOD channels could be launched here. Besides that, inspiration for new television shows can be found in simple videos, discussions or forums online. I also recommend constantly search for new trends. Professionals could not agree if VOD will be the end of linear television or not. Further research is necessary to gain more insight in this matter. The findings of this research document resulted in many new format ideas.

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July 16
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