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Today, June 30, 2019, marks the 365th day and 535th comment on my disease, alcoholism! When I started this challenge, the road was foggy, foreboding, and filled with reasons to abort the mission! Being the obstinate alcoholic, I refused to listen to nay thoughts. They never helped during my forty years of active alcoholic insanity! If I really intend to help sick and suffering dipsomaniacs like me, I knew I must trudge on. That’s what I’ve attempted to do with my comments. I never thought such insight could come from a drunk with my history! But then I guess it has! It’s not my insight but that which flowed through me from my God, of my understanding! I believe my God with infinite wisdom said, “Looks like my child Bob is trying to ‘straighten up and fly right!’ I’ll give him help!” And for the last twelve months, God has guided every step, indeed every word of this mental voyage! I am so thankful to discern this help and attempt to convey it to you who is so desperately in need as I am! When I visualized the enormous task from Bob’s perspective and my plan, it seemed overwhelming and unachievable! But that’s when I would quiet myself and remember admonitions of so many brothers and sisters to “let go and let God!” The words would thence cascade like an enormous waterfall! Those were the moments I believe the magnificence of God shown through! As you read and reflect, I hope you will be inspired to share God’s insight and guidance! We know we are afflicted with an incurable destructive malady! God’s intercession and a spiritual experience are our salvation! I believe this through and through! My fervent hope is that once you embrace his mercy, forgiveness, and grace, you will straighten up and fly right also! These are sober thoughts, for you to mull over, from your alcoholic brother, sober Bob!

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