The Sorcerer’s Handbook on Mind Magic

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The Sorcerer's Handbook on Mind Magic is a codex on the magical powers of the mind. Learn how you can harness true occult magic by using your mind. It is worth noting that in the study of the occult arts, the mind plays a very important role. Remember that all true and most genuine magic starts and ends in the mind. By gaining magical mastery over your mind, you can exercise and wield the powers of magic. 

The Sorcerer's Handbook on Mind Magic lays down the foundational theories and principles to help you understand what magic really is, as well as its manifold workings. This handbook also provides time-tested practical exercises that will allow you to actually experience the beauty and power of magic. By following the teachings and techniques in this handbook, you will be able to renew your mind and achieve the so-called magical mindset, which is the state of mind that is optimum for magical work. It is the mind of the true magus, witch, or sorcerer. It is the mind of magic. 

Everything is mind. All spells and rituals happen first and foremost in the mind of the sorcerer. By learning to control your mind and harnessing it in a magical way, you can fill your life with magical experiences. All it takes is a shift in the mind, and you will be able to enjoy the powers and glories of magic. Mind magic is the magic of the mind, and it is beneficial regardless of the practice or tradition that you follow. All magic starts and ends in the mind. Therefore, you can rest assured that no effort that you put into this craft of magic will ever be wasted. Whether you are a beginner who wants to discover magic for the first time or an intermediate practitioner who is looking for a way to deepen your magical practice, then this is the handbook for you. 

The Sorcerer's Handbook on Mind Magic is the key that can open the doors of magic for you. This handbook is an invitation to a magical journey where you can discover the magical powers of the mind, as well as unleash your inner power and divinity. Are you ready for real magic? Are you ready for a life-changing experience that can make your whole life overflow with the force of magic? If yes, then let me now welcome you into this wonderful universe of mind magic — where you shall learn the true way of real, ancient, spiritual, and sacred magic. 

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8 de janeiro
Albertus Crowley

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