Ugly Love Colleen Hoover

by Colleen Hoover – A Comprehensive Study Guide

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A Comprehensive Study Guide of Ugly Love

uninterested in Miles Archer, a pilot for an airline. She doesn't have time for him because he's haughty and conceited. They reach a compromise because they are unable to resist their attraction to one another. He doesn't want love, and she doesn't have time for love, so they are only interested in having sex. If Tate complies with the two instructions Miles has offered her, their setup might be fairly simple. They both understand, though, that this arrangement might not be as wonderful as they had thought as feelings start to surface.
Tate Collins has just moved in with her pilot brother when she receives an unexpected visitor: a drunken man who is passed out next to the door. She makes an attempt to get around him but is unable, so she phones her brother Corbin, who asks his friend Miles for help. Miles turns out to be the inebriated man; she drags him inside and places him on the couch where he begins to cry over Rachel. My heart broke for him. She isn't a morning person, so Tate locks the door in his face as he and Miles Corbin remove all of her possessions from her car. Then, Miles and Tate make another introduction.
I became engrossed in this book when we discovered Miles's past and what he was doing to six years prior. I wondered why Miles hadn't seen anyone in six years when he met Rachel and fell in love with her after finding out she was the daughter of his dad's girlfriend. But on Thanksgiving, he kissed Tate, and the two of them started to feel like a "neighborhood with benefits." I was laughing so hard because I thought Miles was homosexual for three years when Tate's mother asks Corbin, a nurse, if he is seeing anybody when her son, a pilot, is asked if he is.

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