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The latest groundbreaking digital advertising tactics from Martyn Cook a leading Facebook™ Advertising expert and Digital Marketer.

From the author"

"For the last 10 years I have been advertising online. With millions of dollars spent and multi-millions dollars earned across a plethora of niches, categories and channels, I feel qualified to invite you to share in the findings and strategies that I’ve uncovered so far on my journey.

On my journey I have sold online items spanning clothing to jewellery, gadgets to dog collars, books, training courses, software and so much more - each with it’s own uniquely subtle approach.

This book contains distilled tactics and strategies that will stand the test of time - it has been written to remain current and relevant, even as the advertising platforms of choice change - the decisions, research and foundations will remain.

If you are new to advertising online, or a veteran - there are gems to be found among the pages.

I created this book to ease the burden of advertising online, to break it down, simplify and make it accessible to anyone boldly playing in the giant sand pit that is digital marketing.

It is my hope that you will take advantage of gems uncovered in this book, as well as your increased profits, pivot and turn your mind and resources to finding solutions to real problems, solutions that help improve the world!"

Some of the the topics covered inside:

Nailing your target and message to become irresistible to your audience

Thinking outside the box with your targeting choices

Constructing the perfect advert that stands out in a sea of noise

Cutting fat quickly - The tweaks you can make to your advertising decisions that will save more than 20% of your budget

Scaling winners fast and intelligently

The power of collaboration

BONUS: Mastering the art of happiness, whilst conquering online.

And much much more!

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