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You're intuitive, perceptive, gifted and you don't mind thinking outside the box. You're fascinated with human experience, and you'd like to have a deeper understanding of what makes us all tick...Of who we are, and where we came from...And more importantly -- where we are heading.

You might have recently had an experience that made you want to learn more about Astrology. You've been wondering if there's something in it (even when you loudly dismiss the very idea.)

...And all that talk about 2012 -- well, it's secretly got you a little worried. The truth is, change and catastrophe have been with us since the dawn of history. When you put things into historical perspective, you'll see this is nothing new (in spite of that infamous Mayan Calendar everyone likes to talk about, right now.)

The truth is, "No man knows the day or the hour"...Though often, Astrology has helped people – and societies – deal with drastic change.

To help us deal with change, it's important to get a handle of our past, if we're ever going to stop making the same mistakes right now and in the future. And it's important to realize you may have been beating yourself up for something you couldn't help.

When you understand what personality traits and characteristics your birth date hard-wires you to possess, you also learn the ways to counteract the "bad" – and boost the "good".

In this book, you'll learn about:

- 9 historical Astronomers that changed the face of Astrology - and how they actually did it

- The difference between Rising and Ruling planets - and why you should actually care

- 7 Points of the Astrological Zodiac Signs de-mystified - and 7 aspects finally explained

- The single biggest advantage modern Astrologers have that their ancestors didn't (and how their ancestors brilliantly got around this!)

- An easy way to remember which Zodiac Sign is negative - and which is positive

- The single most important factor in your Rising Sign's effect on your life

You'll get straightforward facts about:

- Birthstones or Starstones - which should you use - and why does there seem to be so much confusion?

- 8 ways to choose the right birthstone for the right situation

- Tips that will set you firmly ahead, when you finally learn to perform Astrology for yourself

- The single most important reason you must determine exact birth time, whenever humanly possible

- The single most common (and shocking) phenomenon your Subjects often experience, when you persuade them do this one necessary thing

- How you can use 2 foolproof ways and means to calculate an accurate Rising Sign

- 3 pieces of simple data you absolutely must input into your Chart casting every time

- Why knowing your Zodiac birth sign is only a small part of your Destiny picture

- The single most common (and startling) reason our daily horoscope is often way off the mark

- And much, much more!

If you ever wanted to know about Astrology and how it affects your life – and use it towards your benefit, you'll definitely need this book today!

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