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You know how hardworking men like you sometimes have so much on their plate, they struggle to admit they feel stressed because they don't want to let anyone down?  And, because you don't say anything and just push on, this can sometimes compromise your health with some niggly things or some other things that can become quite serious?  Well, this book aims to combat that. What I did was interview 7 hardworking men, just like you, who are doing everything they can to provide for and protect their families and leave their mark on the world and who have ALL experienced stress.  Their overall health was affected by things like pneumonia, shingles, bruxism, chronic blushing, psoriasis and temporary facial paralysis.  They share with you how they came to understand the REAL nature of stress. It's in having this understanding that they have overcome it and live their lives free from something they think they shouldn't be affected by and just have to work through.  Revealed are the 3 main triggers of stress for men and a crucial misunderstanding made about where it REALLY comes from. Once that misunderstanding becomes clear to you, your life will never be the same. Plus there's practical stress alleviating steps you can easily absorb into your life today.  Features EXCLUSIVE interviews with Hollywood based Supercoach, Michael Neill, prolific author and public speaker, Steve Chandler from Club Fearless, Salad CEO, Coach and Founder of The Three Principles University, Jamie Smart, Marketing Guru, James Lavers from TheLazyCoach, Former Appointee to George W Bush, Rudy Pamintuan, Warrior Mind Coach, Gregg Swanson and Jean-Paul Maximillian John, creator of the Mental Health and Global Mental Health pages on Facebook.  The book is specifically written for men, however, women find it immensely useful, as does anyone with a stressed out person in their lives.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
julio 20
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