The Successful Spirit: Top Performers Share Secrets to a Winning Mindset (SuccessfuI Mind, Body & Spirit‪)‬

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#1 New York Times bestselling author

Whether you know it or not, there is a successful spirit in you. This is the inner-force that can help you excel and perform in sports, business, and life at your highest level possible.

The Successful Spirit is a book about focus, drive, and determination, but it is also a book about balance, mindfulness, and common-sense ways you can take control of your life by harnessing your inner-spirit. With this, you can perform at your best and reach your most lofty goals.

The Successful Spirit is about harnessing the inner-strength that lives within each of us. It is about creating a sphere of positive physical and mental health needed for elite performance in sport, business, and life. The Successful Spirit is about adopting strategies that will help you either continue performing at peak levels over time or help you transform your mindset into a place that helps you become the top performer you know you can be.

Harnessing your inner-spirit can change your life.

The Successful Spirit highlights examples from Olympic and Paralympic medal winners, professional athletes, and sport, performance, and business coaches. This book is authored by people who have proven what is possible with a successful spirit.

Since success isn't one thing to all people, The Successful Spirit is written by multiple authors from varying backgrounds, locations, and areas of expertise. The book is written by author-contributors writing stand-alone chapters that answer questions such as:

What does it take to perform at your best?

What does it take to win?

What does winning mean?

What characteristics do driven people possess that allow them to excel?

How can we balance drive and mindfulness for peak performance?

How does a positive mindset create a healthy, happy life?

What are the habits of uber-successful billionaires, professional athletes, and thought leaders?

Chapters are from disciplines from sports, business, entrepreneurship, science, martial arts, military, mindfulness, and mind, body, and spirit connections. In this book, authors highlight their unique experiences regarding the tools it takes for peak performance, healthy living, and success with the goal that each message is relatable to people from any walk of life.

The Successful Spirit is written by 33 co-authors including Jessie Adams, Richard Bowling, Veronica Carlson, Danny P. Creed, Dartanyon Crockett, Barbara Daoust, Brett Elena, Nathaniel Errez, Dr. Elena Estanol, Dr. Jen Faber, Jory Fisher, Fabian Florant, Mandi Freger, Susanne Grainger, Drs. Annemieke Griffin, Jeroen Keymolen, Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy, Tim Wayne Medvetz, Stephen Miller, Emmanuel K. Nartey, PhD, Tom Perrin, PhD, Emily Perrin, Theo Pickles, April Quresi, Ahad Raza, Flemming Rontved, Stefan Due Schmidt, Scott Span, Jenny R. Susser, PhD, Kamille Rose Taylor, Gabrielle Thomas, Joey Wagman, and Kendrick Williams

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