The Tazeem Twins Series

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1 - The Sheikh's Tenacious Lover

After discovering her fiancé cheating just before the wedding, she's determined to make the most of what would have been her honeymoon at a luxury hotel. A little escape is just what she needs to try to put the past behind her. But a chance encounter with a tall, dark and handsome stranger at the hotel pool leaves her feeling flustered. At first she's put off by his arrogant attitude, but she's quickly swept away by his confident smile and undeniably masculine charm.

2 - The Sheikh's Fiery Lover

When Rene came to Saudi Arabia to escape her cheating ex-fiancé, she never imagined she'd wind up living in a palace with a Sheikh.

The gorgeous and demanding Sheikh Tazeem is everything she ever dreamed of. But as the real world intrudes on their romance, Rene finds herself alone more and more as Joshua handles a big business deal. She worries that his career obsession will spell disaster for their future, but Rene's not giving up on love. She's never played by Joshua's rules before, and she's certainly not going to start now.

3 - The Sheikh's Resisting Lover

For Tanya May, her trip to Saudi Arabia is supposed to be the perfect getaway from work, stress, and most importantly, men.

She can't wait to relax and see the sights, but with best friend Rene unavailable, there's only one person left to show her a good time: unrepentant player James Tazeem. From the moment they meet, she's tempted by every inch of his towering height. But even with his dark eyes and full lips awakening something she's long ignored, there's no way Tanya is falling for his charms. She came halfway around the world to make time for herself, and she means to keep it that way.

4 - The Sheikh's Untameable Lover

As head of the Tazeem Spice Company, the deal Sheikh Hussain has on the horizon could net him millions. Now he needs an assistant, but he certainly wasn't expecting someone like Cassie Milton. She defies him at every turn with her courage, intelligence, and playful attitude. Her lush curves and golden eyes present a sinful temptation, but he needs to focus on what's important. He can't afford to be caught off guard by an American woman who claims to have no knowledge of her past.

5 - The Sheikha's Forbidden Lover

With an attraction this hot, someone is bound to get burned…

Adilah Tazeem, twin sister to Sheikh Hussain, has always been the impulsive one in her royal family. With a successful baking business, she can't wait to host an upcoming culinary conference and show the world her city. But when death threats keep coming, she turns to the one man she can always count on to protect her.

Head of security Kalik, with his enormous strength and unwavering dedication, has captured her heart for years. But despite her shameless flirting and sizzling fantasies, she would never do anything to jeopardize his position.

After years of service to the wealthy Tazeems, Kalik is duty-bound to keep his feelings for Adilah under wraps. Her carefree spirit and sensual beauty are a constant temptation, but he cannot risk her life or his friendship with Hussain by giving in to desire. Kalik's control is tested when keeping her safe brings them closer than ever before.

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