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In this short ebook, you will learn that a secret is simply defined as something that you may not already know. You put many of these fundamentals or secrets together and suddenly you are on the path to longevity and better health.

If your goal is to build muscle, this book is for you.

If your goal is to lose body fat, this book is for you.

If you have children who want to learn bodybuilding and you want them to learn how to do it naturally and without drugs, this book is for you.

While there are thousands of fitness questions you will ask as you embark upon this lifelong journey, these are some of the most frequently asked. There are no diet techniques here. These are simple fundamentals you can use on a daily basis to make strides in building muscle and burning body fat. There are no supplements being sold or crazy exercise routines and products.

Outlined are the very simple techniques used by natural bodybuilders to achieve world class physiques. If you can learn just one tip from this book that makes your life better, I will have done my job. My hope for you is to live your life to the fullest and ultimately make better health choices with full knowledge of what is involved.

Inside you will learn:

- How to Gain Weight
- How to Measure Your Body Fat
- Calorie Calculators
- Bodybuilding Workouts
- How Much Water to Drink
- and more

I hope you enjoy this book that's full of fitness tips and it brings you one step closer to your goals and better health.

Professional & Technical
January 9
Marc David

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