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Publisher Description

This is NOT a book about fat shaming. If you’re happy with your weight, that’s amazing – celebrate it, because so few people ever feel that way. This is also not a book about appearances. It’s not for someone else to decide if you are beautiful or ugly. But plenty of overweight people suffer from self esteem issues surrounding their appearances, and this unhappiness is a real problem. A few of the points in this book address those feelings.

This book IS for people who are unhappy and need reminders to keep them motivated to change.

We all know the health risks that come from being overweight. Heart disease, diabetes, and any number of other conditions are always spouted as the reasons why you “should” lose weight. But while avoiding future health complications is a great idea, it’s tough to actually stick to your diet without some sort of noticeable gratification – after all, you can’t SEE your arteries unclogging, and you can’t FEEL your insulin resistance going away.

But what about that feeling when you sit down and your belt buckle digs into your belly, and you can’t decide if it’s better to skip the belt altogether and have to subtly readjust your pants all day long as they roll and fold down the slopes of your fat rolls?

Oh yeah, you can feel that.

This is a book full of (hopefully humorous and relatable) reasons to remind you WHY you’re on this journey. It’s not because you SHOULD be, it’s because you WANT to be.

Health & Well-Being
February 26
Barbara Sorrelson