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Publisher Description

Deborah Yousuf climbed on board of the History Train with Aloes, starting with a Conversation with a man who was an Importer from Mexico and his relating his experience of being in a Coma for 5 days from Dysentery. His relating how a local woman in Mexico forced the chopped plant down his throat and it restored his health so quickly that in one day he was up and well enough to drive back home to the States.  This information that Aloe Vera could be eaten, not just applied medicinally, sent Deborah Yousuf on her own quest to find drinkable and edible Aloe Vera for her own use. These were the early years when you could not find Aloe Drinks on the market.  

Thanks to the Aloe Vera manufacturer's persistence to create an edible and drinkable product, she and others were able to utilize Aloe Vera for their personal uses.

Years later after marriage and children, she then found the need in her travels as and Importer/Exporter, for this Miracle Plant, for her own, and families' health.  On one trip to India the use of the plant actually saved her life.

This book is only part of her own story over the years, using Aloe Vera in a myriad of ways. Her own story, not someone else's story is what is relayed here. Deborah Yousuf's experiences, experiments, developments and discoveries will give the reader a broader outlook on what this Miracle Plant can do for them.

Deborah Yousuf encourages everyone to always think out of the box when it comes to the uses of this wonderful plant, to never think you are limited to what you have been told or led to believe are limitations on it's history or uses.

Aloes have become an Historical Legend over the Thousands of years with over 500 species world wide, in name and use, and you too can become part of that Legend and put yourself into part of that History in your own personal travels with this Legendary Miracle Plant.  

The Aloe Vera Traveler's User's Manual is a book written to allow the end user a way to know how the plant has been or can be used.  This book was originally created to allow the individual to print out the pages, laminate them, and carry them as a handbook for quick reference when needed.

This book has been expanded from it's original handbook written 24 years ago, adding 24 more years of uses and experiences. Photos show many of the assorted types of species and cousin species to Aloes and how they have been used as food, medical uses, cosmetics or just for beautiful plants in your rock gardens.

Health & Well-Being
April 12
Deborah Adeline Yousuf