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Just as the EU GDPR set out the stringent rules to contain the security and privacy malpractices of online business when conducting business with EU citizens the CCPA will also enforce the best behavior and best practices in ensuring that businesses in California or those that trade with Californians provides an ethical service by safeguarding their right to privacy. The California Consumer Privacy Act - 2018 was signed into law on the 28th June 2018. It was the culmination of a fascinating journey through a ballot initiative bill proposed by a local real estate businessman. The CCPA overcame fierce resistance from the tech lobbyists and local business coalitions to make it into law because it provides and enforces the three pillars of ethical behavior, Transparency, Control, and Accountability the very things that the citizens of California are now demanding from their service providers and the tech behemoths. In this book we cover the Why, When, Where, What, and  Who of the CCPA how it came about, what it is and what effects it will have on business. We will study the individual provisions and privacy rights that it bestows upon the citizens of California and the responsibilities of businesses to uphold those rights and how best they can develop strategies for compliance. However, as the Act was rushed through the Legislative Process it has many nuances, ambiguities, and downright contradictions so we will examine many of these and consider possible changes to the text before it comes into operation in 2020.

Computing & Internet
13 October
Alasdair gilchrist

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