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Publisher Description

'Bubble Wants To Be A Hero' is set in a fantasy world and is mainly about a pre school character who floats about here and there to get to places. he does not have wings to fly.He has a little body with two green arms. He is also the only one in bubble world to have his own bubble inside his red stripe. Bubblebea has a rounded head , a red nose with two bubble shaped eyes that look like two wobbly bubbles. Bubblebea is always a very kind and friendly but helpful bea. 'Bubblebea Wants To Be A Hero'is about how bubblebea helps and protects the people in bubbleworld from their nasty enemy 'Rex' the nasty dragonfly. A red and blue bubble, long shaped dragonfly with bubble shaped wings.The giant bubbleworld is very precious andhas tiny bubbles inside to help them breathe and float about in the sky day and night. Bubblebea and his best friend 'Honeycomb' (the tall sunflower girl) resembles a sunflower but has different colour petalsaround her head. She likes to eat seeds from a packet and she is very tall and is Bubblebea's best friend. In bubbleworld everybody lives and eats honey from jars that they have collected by working all day in Sweetfield.They fill upup jars of honey from the Queen beahive in Sweetfieldor fill up there tummies with honey flavouredmarshmallows and honey flavoured lollipops which they can get from the giant Bubbleworld honeypot with its triangular shaped windows and honeypotsgiant bright green spoon which reaches into a window to spoon out the most delicious honey flavoured marshmallows or honey flavoured lollipops which at the push of its red button spoons out its treats . Percy is Bubblebea's other friendthe green rounded caterpillar.

Young Adult
August 5
AuthorHouse UK