Captive in His Island Heart

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    • 19,99 lei

Publisher Description

Captive in His Island Heart is a family saga – a family that stands strong in times of turmoil adds flavor to the romantic setting of the novel. It is also an effort towards an ecological and social consciousness that would call every reader to contribute to the same in their own way. Though very intense issues are being dealt with, it is all discussed in the tone of a sizzling romance that gives life and beauty to the novel. 

The uncompromising heroine is forced into a very compromising situation where she has to wage a constant war against the sizzling attraction she feels for the hero, who is temporarily disabled. Finally, the last and fatal blow to her hope of earning his love is her discovering him to be a ruthless womanizer. Marrying him because of blackmail leaves her emotionally bruised. Will she ever find the true love that she longed for from her womanizing husband? Will her marriage of convenience go beyond his disability? Questions haunt her, and she has no answers…

Aniket, a royal and a sports star by profession is temporarily paralyzed from the waist below is more deeply wounded in spirit, because of Devi. His depression has become a source of anxiety to his family. But the moment he set his eyes on her, he fell in love. Falling in love was wonderful, but winning her trust and love wasn’t that easy. But he would leave no stone unturned to achieve it.

Fiction & Literature
29 November
Notion Press