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Western medicine has made great advances toward treating medical conditions, but all too often these treatments don't do enough on their own to fully address problems or they cause side effects that are downright dangerous. Increasingly, people are turning toward more traditional ways to improve their health and their emotional well-being. Chakra healing and aura cleansing have been used in the East for centuries. 

Now, auras are finding their way into the western world and helping modern men and women restore balance to the wheels of life. "Chakras for Beginners Guide Book: How to Master Chakra Meditation, Chakra Healing & Chakra Balancing" can help you do the same and begin to unlock the power of auras and chakras to promote health and overall well-being. 

"Chakras for Beginners Guide Book" is your complete introduction to chakras, auras and meditation for beginners. Over the course of its 21 pages, you'll discover the answers to all of your questions regarding these ancient forms of healing the body and balancing the forces of the wheels of life. With the help of this book, you will: 

• Get the facts about the benefits of learning about chakras and auras 

• Learn how to begin seeing auras and uncover the meaning of their colours 

• Receive a thorough introduction to chakra balancing and the chakra system 

• See how balancing the chakras can improve everything from your health to your relationships 

• Master basic chakra yoga, chakra healing and chakra meditation techniques 

• Find out how to protect and strengthen your aura and focus your life force energy for incredible results 

"Chakras for Beginners Guide Book" breaks down concepts that would otherwise take you years of study to master into simple language that is easy to understand. This short guide will open your eyes to the many benefits of auras and chakras and the unlimited powers that they possess to change your life for the better. 

Take charge of your life and restore the balance that has been eluding you and denying you the health, wellness and vitality that you long for. Discover powerful meditation techniques and get a thorough introduction to auras and chakras for beginners and get on the path to living the life you deserve. Claim your copy of, "Chakras for Beginners Guide Book: How to Master Chakra Meditation, Chakra Healing & Chakra Balancing,” today.

Health & Well-Being
24 May
Colin Smith

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