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Do you love chess openings? Are you an experienced player who reads English algebraic notation? Want a repertoire to play 200 chess openings from either side? If yes, this is for you. Get it now.

Author Tim Sawyer spent four years compiling this collection of Chess Opening Repertoire Moves 4 for his use. You can enjoy it too. This fourth edition has grown to 200 opening variations for White and Black. This book revises and replaces the older versions that had 50, 100, or 150 opening repertoires.

This book has no diagrams and no explanations. The book is not for chess beginners unless they learn chess opening notation.

Why can you trust the variations given in this book? You don't have to. Tim Sawyer has decades of experience using openings, databases and chess engines. Tim chose lines that he trusts.

Here's the step by step process that Tim Sawyer used to choose the moves for these 200 opening variations:

First, he made sure to cover the most popular moves.

Second, he looked to see what the masters prefer to play.

Third, he checked the analysis of reliable chess engines.

Fourth, he leaned toward deeper chess engine analysis.

Fifth, he added obvious moves that chess engines ignore.

Sixth, he presented an overall unified approach for each side.

Seventh, he covered his favorite openings more than others.

Opening repertoires include Grob, Sokolsky, Bird's Opening From Gambit, English Opening, Trompowsky, Benko, Benoni, Dutch, Nimzowitsch, Scandinavian, Alekhine, Pirc, Caro-Kann, Sicilian, French, Kings Gambit, Latvian, Elephant, Evans Gambit, Philidor, Petroff, Scotch, Four Knights, Italian Game, Ruy Lopez, BDG, London System, Chigorin, Albin Counter, Slav, Semi-Slav, Queens Gambit Accepted and Declined, Gruenfeld, Catalan, Queens Indian, Nimzo-Indian, and King's Indian Defence.

This Chess Training Repertoire Moves 4 expands and updates the older version of the author's Chess Training Repertoire 3.

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October 15
Tim Sawyer

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