Covenant with Black America – Twenty Years Later Covenant with Black America – Twenty Years Later

Covenant with Black America – Twenty Years Later

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Publisher Description

Twenty years after sparking a national dialogue, The Covenant with Black America returns with renewed urgency, weaving original insights with contemporary voices, and reminding us that our collective liberation is essential for a more equitable society.

Two decades ago, Tavis Smiley curated a pivotal national dialogue with the publication of The Covenant with Black America. This groundbreaking manifesto swiftly captured the nation's attention by addressing the critical issues facing African Americans and became a #1 New York Times bestseller challenging America to confront systemic inequalities with extraordinary determination.

Today, as we commemorate its 20th anniversary, the urgency of these issues has only intensified. Despite significant strides, the disparities in health, housing, justice, and economic opportunity continue to disproportionately affect Black communities, underscoring the enduring relevance of our collective commitment.

This new edition intertwines original essays with powerful new contributions from today's leading voices, presenting a compelling blend of historical insights and contemporary urgency. These essays are not merely reflections but are calls to action—reminding us that the path to equality is ongoing and demanding. Through these pages, we revisit the original ten covenants, updated with new data and analysis that reveal both progress and the troubling persistence of inequality.

This edition also includes a new essay on the state of homelessness in the Black community as numbers have risen to an all-time high.

With a special Afterword by the esteemed poet Nikki Giovanni, this anniversary edition of The Covenant with Black America is a testament to the enduring spirit of advocacy and a beacon of light and hope for future generations. It invites us all to partake in the crucial work of reshaping America into a more equitable society, echoing the timeless truth that our collective liberation uplifts the entire nation.

As Smiley writes in the Introduction, “I am convinced in this critical moment of American history that our nation needs us now more than ever to confront the forces of extremism and extend the rich tradition of deep democ­racy in America as we expand justice and freedom for all.”

27 August
Hay House

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