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In her latest book, The Crochet Handbook; Learn what equipment you need to crochet, the basics of Crochet, how to read written patterns, graphs, charts and diagrams, and more, Florence Schultz teaches you all you need to know to learn how to crochet. Florence begins by teaching you about hooks and the equipment you need to begin the fine art of crochet. She provides handy tables listing common hook sizes in US, UK, and Metric sizes. Next she moves on to a tutorial on yarn, gauge, and the importance of both as well as how to read and understand a yarn label so you can choose the best yarn for your next project.

The next chapter covers the basic stitches used in crochet. Each stitch is explained in easy to understand instructions along with large clear images, and Florence provides the abbreviation and symbols for each stitch. You will learn the following stitches:
Chain stitchSingle crochet stitchHalf-double crochet stitchDouble crochet stitchTreble stitchDouble Crochet 2 TogetherDouble Crochet 3 TogetherShell stitchV-stitchCluster stitch
Once you have learned basic crochet stitches, Florence then teaches you how to read and crochet from written patterns, diagrams, charts, and graphs. Florence explains the different components of a written pattern and how to begin reading and working one.

Diagrams are used mainly for crochet in the round projects and are read from the center out. Florence provides a simple diagram and takes you round by round so that you can understand how to read and crochet from a diagram.

Charts are used for projects in rows and read from the bottom up. A simple chart is provided and explained row by row so that you can grasp how to read and crochet from a chart. Written instructions are also provided so you can compare the two.

Graphs are used for several types of crochet techniques including colorwork, Intarsia, Filet, and Corner 2 Corner techniques. Florence takes you through each technique step by step, and explains how to use graphs for each technique. She also provides large clear images so you can see exactly what the finished projects should look like.

This book is written for beginners, but anyone who wants to learn how to read and understand diagrams, charts, and graphs will find this book an invaluable resource. If you have ever wanted to expand your crochet knowledge and learn how to read and crochet from crochet diagrams, crochet charts, and crochet graphs, as well as the basics of crochet then The Crochet Handbook is for you. Don't delay, get your copy today!

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January 21
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