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In her latest book, Crochet Hats and Beanies for Beginners; Learn How to Crochet and Make Hats and Beanies for the Entire Family, Florence Schultz teaches you all you need to know about crochet and crochet techniques to crochet hats and beanies. Hats and beanies are great beginner projects because they work up quickly and make great gifts for family and friends. Florence begins with an overview of hooks and yarn to get you started. Next she moves onto basic crochet stitches and techniques. In this informative book Florence teaches you the following skills:
Chain StitchSingle Crochet StitchDouble Crochet StitchHalf Double Crochet StitchTreble StitchBack and Front Loops StitchesBack and Front Post StitchesIncreasesDecreasesSlip StitchColor ChangesHow to Crochet in the RoundHow to Weave in Tails Securely
Florence also includes a tutorial on adjusting the size of a hat and beanie pattern. She provides an explanation of hat construction and how increases shape the crown of a hat. A table is also provided of hat sizes from infant to large adult sizes for your reference.

Next she provides five creative and original patterns for you to try out your new skills. Each step is explained and the patterns are written for absolute beginners so you'll be sure to have success. The patterns include Baby's First Hat, Chunk Squishy Slouch Beanie, Men's Watch Cap, Lacy Slouch Hat, and Striped Hat with Turned Up Brim.

Each one of these patterns highlights a skill you have learned in the book. Florence also gives you tips on how to size each pattern so that you can make any size you need, and gives you tips on using different yarn than the examples in the book. These patterns are easy to read and easy to understand like all of Florence's instructions. In the basic crochet section of the book each stitch and technique is explained in easy to understand terms with lots of large clear images.

You don't want to miss out on Crochet Hats and Beanies for Beginners. This book is the perfect tutorial to learn how to crochet, and learn how to crochet hats and beanies. Written for beginners with easy to understand instructions you will be crocheting up hats and beanies for your entire family in no time. Get your copy today!

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