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A happy cuckold relationship ignites into a bonfire of sex, dominance, and submission. The gorgeous boyfriend takes control of the cuckold husband. A gorgeous wife falls further under her dominant lover’s spell, and revels in dominating her loving cuckold husband. A cuckold relationship deepens, and returns to the beginning. Cuckold’s Journey brings new challenges, risks, and surprising rewards.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Dinner was great. Afterwards, we watched a movie in the game room. The girls scarfed on some popcorn while Nicole and I shared a really nice bottle of wine. When we went to bed, she pulled a long t-shirt over her head. It fell past her knees.

She caught my look, and smiled at me. “I didn’t want you to have to wear your chastity belt. This covers me completely, and it’s comfortable to sleep in.”

“Thank you,” I replied sincerely. “Because I wasn’t looking forward to wearing that thing tonight.”

Nicole leaned over and kissed my cheek.

“Baby, have you ever considered having more children?”

She shrugged. “I’ve thought about it, of course, but you had a vasectomy.”

“I know, but now that April is getting older, I’ve started to think about having another child.” She cocked her head at me, and I hurried to explain. “We’re still young, and we always did want to try for a boy.”

“Are you serious, or just casually thinking about it?”

“The more I casually think about it, the more serious I get.”

“Okay. Well, let me give it some thought, too.” She winked at me. “I thought we were done with having kids, but I’ve always wished we’d had three. I don’t care if it’s a boy or not, I just always wanted one more.”

“I kind of regret having the vasectomy after April. I know we discussed it, but in hindsight, I wish I hadn’t done it. Now that I’m earning more money, it wouldn’t be an issue financially.”

“Why don’t you talk to your doctor? See if your vasectomy can be reversed. Then we can discuss it further, and see if it’s something we want to seriously consider.”

“Sounds like a plan, baby.” I kissed her. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” She looked at me with a smile. “You know that if we do try for another child, Collin will have to wear a condom when he’s with me.” She laughed. “I don’t think he’s going to like that one bit.”

“I know, right?” I replied with a chuckle. The next thought slipped out before I could stop it. “He’ll probably offer to impregnate you himself.”

Nicole slapped me on the shoulder. “Stop it!”

An unfinished novel lay on the nightstand next to me, and I picked it up and started to read. Casually I rolled on my side, facing my wife, and studied her. The magazine in her hands lay on her chest. She was staring at the ceiling, deep in thought, and a small smile played over her lips. She glanced over, our eyes met, and a deep blush colored her face. A guilty smile tugged at her lips before she turned away from me.

What were you thinking?

Fiction & Literature
May 17
Boruma Publishing, LLC

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