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More than 65 million adults in the U.S., or 1 out of every 3 adults, suffer from high blood pressure. And yet, what many do not know is that high blood pressure can actually be prevented, or lowered, if you follow a healthy eating plan that is focused on reducing sodium intake and consuming a wide variety of foods.

This is where the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet comes in. The DASH Diet was developed specifically to lower blood pressure without medication. 

It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and it focuses on a balanced eating plan that incorporates all essential food groups. On this non-restrictive diet that is rich in fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, low-fat dairy, meats, fish, nuts and seeds, beans, healthy fats, and whole grains, many people across the world have reported positive changes that went beyond lower blood pressure; they experienced weight loss, lower cholesterol, faster metabolism, and overall better mental and physical health.

This book will give you:

- All the basic information you need to know about what the DASH Diet is and how to get started

- The do’s and don’ts of the DASH Diet, including specific instructions on how much of what food group to eat per day or week

- Detailed eating plans and exercise guides

- Tips for changing your eating habits and switching to the DASH diet

- Delicious and healthy DASH-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert

Everything you need to reset your eating habits and strive for a healthier, fitter body is made available in this one book. 

Adopt this #1 ranked diet today and revolutionize your health, without medication!

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October 13
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