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Download Days of Heaven Upon Earth, a year of daily devotionals written by A.B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

“The days of heaven are peaceful days,

Still as yon glassy sea;

So calm, so still in God, our days,

As the days of heaven would be.”

Follow author A.B. Simpson on a journey through the Bible as he offers compelling and inspiring devotionals for every day of the year.

Each day features a new Bible passage and thought-provoking analysis of scripture, reflection on the Word, and inspirational messages that will resonate with you throughout your day.

Short and easy to read, the devotionals found in Days of Heaven Upon Earth are a perfect companion to an existing Bible study or an ideal way to ease back into the study of scripture.

Author A.B. Simpson is best known for his founding of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. In addition, he penned over 30 books about prayer, spirituality, and Christian living. Readers worldwide continue to enjoy his poignant and thought provoking ideas, and his work is as relevant and poignant now as when first written over 100 years ago. 

Days of Heaven Upon Earth has been called “inspirational reading that also transforms.” Other reviewers have felt it to be a “spiritual challenge to Christians and non-Christians alike,” a “wonderful devotional that I would recommend for anyone who desires a closer relationship with God,” and an “old gem of a daily devotional.”

Download Days of Heaven Upon Earth to strengthen your spiritual life and increase your understanding of scripture.

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