English Short Stories for Intermediate Learners

100 English Short Stories to Improve Your Vocabulary and Learn English the Fun Way

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    • 47,99 lei

Publisher Description

Discover the best English learning book - Learn English for adults.

Culturally relevant and entertaining Short Stories in English for Intermediate Learnershas been written to help English language students from a low-intermediate to intermediate level; the 100 short stories and dialogue-oriented stories are carefully designed so they can be used as study material in accordance with the B1 and B2 of the Common European Language Framework of Reference.

The one hundred entertaining and often humorous stories will intrigue your interest and give you a sense of progress the more you read and advance with the stories.

What is included in the book?

These one hundred English stories give you a variety of interesting genres, from mystery, comedy, science fiction, thriller, and English history - combining learning and entertainment in a unique and fun way, all while you learn a range of new vocabulary.

Realistic spoken small group conversation and dialogue, written to help you to learn every-day expressions and improve your ability to express yourself in common situations.

Important words and expressions are highlighted in the beginner's section.

If you need an English language workbook then we highly recommend considering this short story book for adults, because the short, humorous, and intriguing plots will keep you reading and help you to expand your English vocabulary. The 100 short stories will definitely improve your grasp of the English language and the learned key vocabulary will consolidate your progress. (English for Everyone Level 1 Series)   

This book will entertain you and help you in many ways, it may even help you to gain fluency in English!

When it comes to reading and language learning, never hesitate, get your copy now!

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17 December

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