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Renzo, Gianni, Federico, and Simone Cipriano: brothers who are well known in the town of Kellington.

Each brother was thriving on his own, working at what he does best.

It is their mother’s wish for her sons to find love and happiness like she had with their father, since they have been well known, not only for their work ethics but also for their sexual conquests.

Watch as the Cipriano brothers try and find love in probably some of the most unlikely of places. Along the way you’ll meet some of the women who take their hearts as well as their minds on a whirlwind ride like no other. 

Federico Cipriano has everything going for him….he has charm and flair as well as being the owner of his own landscaping business. Plus the fact that his good looks has gotten him with many women in town. But there seem to be one who is playing hard to get and she’s the one he desires the most out of all…..Michelle Bordeaux.

Michelle Bordeaux came with her parents to open up Le Jardin Des Cygnes in Kellington, on the knowledge that she would return back to Arizona after a year, so she could get back with the man she loves. But there has been something, well actually someone who has been nothing more than a thorn in her side since the first time he laid eyes on her….Federico Cipriano.

He wants her as a conquest…..but soon he realizes that he wants more.

She wants nothing to do with him…..but why does she find herself unable to get him off her mind?

What happens when these two absolutely different people go head to head with one another?

Plenty of laughs as well as tons of sparks.

Also see what happens with Renzo & Jaslyn, Simone & Delia along with Gianni, Maiara and Fiona in the last book of the Cipriano of Kellington series.

December 18
Jamallah Bergman

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