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Find out why Simplicity is the key to a happy, more joyous existence.

The world we live in is getting more complex and stressful every day. Cary David Richards believes that at some point you just need to stop and decide what is most important to you, focus in on those things and flush the rest of it. Or at least keep it at arm’s length.

Mindlessly accumulating “stuff” and competing with your neighbors to see who has the nicest car, greenest lawn or biggest boat in the driveway is not only a merry-go-round of stress and complexity it is also a competition that you can never truly win.

In his new book about the virtues of simplifying your life Cary David invites you to begin thinking outside the box. Perhaps the old model of a big house, 2 cars in the driveway, 2.5 kids and a mortgage that would choke a horse isn’t what truly speaks to you. If it is that’s okay to but there are lots of other pathways to success.

What does success mean to you? Have you really thought about it? Or are you chasing a dream that was strongly suggested to you by your family and or a society that has, for all intents and purposes spun slightly out of control.

Discover how to find the simplicity that will bring you the joy and serenity you seek. Learn to live in the moment, reduce the clutter around you, face your fears and embrace change.

Does your job empower you? Does it allow you to spend your time and energy focusing on things that are really important to you? Other than a paycheck, why are you there? Did you know there are other ways of structuring (and simplifying) income streams that can allow you to pursue your dreams and passions while not being tied to a desk?

Stress, complexity and overwhelm are not the conditions we were designed live under. “Finding Simplicity” will show you a different way. Let Cary David Richards help you find a new path. Identify the things you make your heart sing. Spend your precious time and energy in places and with people that matter to you and simply be in the moment.

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June 26
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