Gaslighting and Emdr Therapy: How to Recognise and Heal from Narcissistic Abuse and Ptsd through Emdr Therapy

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You Are About To Learn How To Heal From Narcissistic And Gaslighting Abuse And Recover Fully From PTSD And Other Psychological Disorders With EMDR!

Some of the most difficult people to treat with psychotherapy are victims of narcissism and gaslighting, owing to the covert nature of narcissistic abuse, and the imperceptible, subtle yet overwhelming effect of such abuses on the victim's mind, behavior and perception.

As a victim, you know the drill: At the least, and in many instances and circumstances, you get manipulated and influenced into thinking in a certain way; you doubt your judgment, memory and self-awareness; soon enough, you also start doubting your saneness, sensitivity and continue yielding to the selfish, grandiose needs or demands of your abuser.

The other group of people who experience the same treatment difficulty are those suffering from PTSD. As victims, we try to suppress the episodes, the images and the fear, oblivious of the negative long-term effects in the mind.

As is the case with understanding the damaging effects of PTSD, it takes too long for a victim of narcissism or gaslighting to notice they're being abused, and how that is having an effect on their psychological well-being, but the fact that you're here means you've realized the problem and want a sustainable solution.

That's the purpose of this book – to bring the ultimate solution to healing from the psychological effects of narcissism and gaslighting, and PTSD i.e. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

More precisely, here's what you will learn from it:
The basics of narcissism and gaslighting, including what they entail and what life is under the control of narcissists and gaslighteresWhy some people are narcissists and gaslightersThe techniques gaslighters useHow to know you're being gaslightedHow to disarm a gaslighterHow gaslighting manifests in families, friendships, relationships, at the workplace etc.The side effects of narcissistic characterConsequences of living with a gaslighterHealing from gaslighting effect and PTSD from narcissistic abuseRecovering from identity lossPreventing a narcissist from getting into your lifeRebuilding confidence and self-trustThe basics of EMDR, including what it is and what it entails, the science behind it, how it works and moreSituations in which EMDR has recorded positive resultsScience backed benefits of EMDRDisorders treated through EMDREMDR for kids and adolescentsHow to use EMDR for PTSD, stress, depression and other problemsSide effects of EMDR
…and so much more!

This book is friendly for beginners, as well as advanced readers, which means that anyone, no matter their knowledge or experience with EMDR in the context of the aforementioned psychological disorders gets to benefit from it.

Perhaps you're wondering…

Can I finish this book in a day? Yes

How long does EMDR treatment last? A maximum of 12 sessions

Can I recover fully from PTSD/ effects of narcissism? Yes

Does this method have any side effects I need to worry about? No

Are you ready to get to the bottom of your problem today, restore confidence and achieve that peace of mind you've been longing for?
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7 May
Frank Johnson

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