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There are an awful lot of things for a new Muslim to learn. It seems simple at first, accepting Allah is the one and only true God, and then accepting and agreeing to live by the five pillars of Islam and following the straight path. But as you read and learn and grow in your faith, you find that there is a lot more out there than you had originally thought! Reverting to Islam can seem complicated and overwhelming, but it is important to take things slowly and only make a few changes at a time, rather than diving in headlong and getting overwhelmed.

Likewise, following a halal diet seems pretty simple when you look at the guidelines in the Quran. But due to the way foods are processed in modern times, those few simple guidelines can become much more complex when put into practice. To further complicate things, there are a multitude of differing opinions on what is and isn’t halal, depending on what school of thought you belong to. Being a revert to Islam, and not having been raised in a particular school of thought and taught to think and act Islamically, one can feel pretty torn hearing and reading so many different opinions on what is and is not the correct way to eat/dress/think/pray/etc!

The purpose of this book is not to tell you what to do, but to help you in your journey into Islam by presenting you with all of the pertinent information you need to follow the path you feel is correct. This book will help you learn about what halal dietary requirements are, and to help ease your transition into cooking and eating the halal way.

In this book, you will find a wide variety of halal recipes, including old favorites from American cuisine with halal make-overs, plus some “new” favorites to add to your repertoire from the Muslim world.

Some of the recipes you will find include:

*Halal Breakfast Sausage
*Pasta Bolognese
*Beer-less Bread
*Stuffed Dates
*Lasagna with Halal Italian Sausage
*Baked Mac & Cheese
*Biscuits & Gravy
*Red Beans & Rice
*Halal Marshmallow Treats
*Chocolate Chip Cookies
*and much, much more!

Finally, while this book is intended to help new Muslim reverts, it is certainly not intended to exclude anyone! Insha’Allah, many will find this book and these recipes to be helpful, whether they are simply considering Islam, curious to learn more, or have been on the straight path for a day, a year, or even a lifetime!

Religion & Spirituality
July 25
M.K. Bodo