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Amazing collection of six (6) books from each of my erotic holiday romance series.

1) A Husband for Christmas - Season of Desire

Maeve fled the cold of Chicago for the sunny tropical climes of Miami in the hopes of starting a new life after suffering from the loss of her husband in a top secret mission gone wrong. But one day, the man she thought was dead appears on the doorstep of her flower shop. Can she forgive him for staying away and leaving her in an agony of grief for almost two years? And will she finally get what she thought she’d lost forever – “a husband for Christmas”?

2) Christmas Choices - When naughty becomes so nice

When Andie Nichols breaks up with her controlling boyfriend Evan Harrington just before the big Christmas party, she dreads going and having to see him there. Still, she doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that she didn’t go just to avoid him, so she takes up residence at the free bar, just hoping to avoid him That’s when she meets Ryan Miller and kisses him to show off to Evan. Ryan is shocked, but likes it. They leave the party together, and Ryan reveals a shocking secret of his own. He likes a woman who isn’t afraid to demand what she wants and offers to be her sex slave. The choice is all hers, but if she is willing to be a little naughty, he promises to make her feel oh so very nice.

3) Holiday Interlude - Deceitful Appearances

Danielle accompanies her best friend Alondra on a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps, intending to cheer up her friend after her recent breakup. However, their mutual interest in the ski instructor could lead her to choose between their friendship and her desires.

4) Lost in the woods - Smokey Mountains

Rose needs a vacation. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, she has a deadline looming, and no inspiration to finish her book. Rose decides a drastic change of scenery is what she needs, so she takes off to the Smokey Mountains looking for inspiration. When Rose meets Triston, her vacation takes an unexpected turn and nothing goes like she planned. Triston is injured, and Rose gets snowed in. Will Rose find what she is looking for, or will she be Lost in the Woods?

5) Out of Bounds - A Big Country Lodge Story

Kate Whitworth was desperately unhappy. Spending the Christmas holidays at Big Country Lodge trying to reconnect with her husband Dan and rebuild their marriage seemed like an impossible task, especially given the fact that they were supposed to rekindle their romance in the only place Kate had first known real love—with her high school crush, Josh Carter. When Kate runs smack into Josh at the Lodge, her memories tumble back to their passionate love-making and her resolve to work on her marriage is severely shaken. When Josh leads her back to the romantic warming hut where she lost her virginity years ago, will she be strong enough to resist?

6) Buried in the Snow - You can’t have but one man

Janet Wilson, having saved up for the trip of a lifetime—a ski trip to Austria—gets buried in an avalanche her first day there. To the rescue is the owner of the lodge where she’s staying and the head ski instructor, Franz Eigner.

It’s easy to fall in love with the charismatic and handsome Eigner, but there are several stumbling blocks along the way, not the least of which is a messed-up family life and a conundrum along the way for Janet when she finds out who Franz’s partner is.

March 3
MFH Ink Publishing

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