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BDSM BBW Werewolf Romance

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Publisher Description

The Bitch is Back! Delia is the breakaway character readers fell in love with in the best selling Romancing the Wolf. Delia is now in another stand alone story. How To Discipline A Werewolf (BDSM BBW Werewolf Romance) stars everyone's favorite big girl dominatrix as she arrives to entertain at a werewolf bachelor party. Delia loves her work and the fact with werewolf boy toys she never has to worry about safe words. Newcomer Tony is a Furry American who has survived being hit by an 18 wheeler. Is he up to surviving Deila? (A fun adults only sexy story of major domination and discipline from a curvy expert. It features the sort of explicitly erotic action you'd expect from a beautiful professional dominatrix and a hunky werewolf.)


I was met at the airport by Shawn, the guy who had hired me. I was flying in a couple of days early to get all the prep work done—which included a fun shopping spree in Jackson Hole to supplement what I had in my carry on. We reviewed the schedule. There was the mandatory stripper who would be showing up.  Shawn had showed me her picture. She looked like she spent 99.9% of her time running on a wheel at Petco—let's just say I'm not a fan of starved looking women. The bitch was actually throwing up a shaka sign of holding up her index and pinky fingers (or maybe she was doing the “one in the pink, one in the stink”gesture?)

I was a more exclusive option for attendees. This meant my having a separate “workplace” for those who wanted more kink to show up. So far over half of the guests had RSVPed. I looked at the list and I was curious if I would be seeing the bridegroom. I wondered if I would lose some to hangovers, but then dismissed that idea because with their healing factor and super metabolism, I didn't think a werewolf could even get a hangover. Dutch had to swig half a bottle of Jack Daniels just to get buzzed.

I settled in. Both my personal hotel room and the “workspace” were larger than my condo back in Seattle. I felt like I was the president of the sorority Sigma Cum Biteme. God bless werewolves with “old money.”  I could learn to live like this, but given the number of werewolf nuptials, I shouldn't count on doing this sort of thing once a month. I sipped on a vodka and tonic and waited for the first knock on the door. Tony was right on schedule.

Fiction & Literature
13 December
Skye Eagleday

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