Introducing Psychology: How to Stop Procrastination and Find Out the Secrets of Body Language, Persuasion, Covert NLP and Vampirism for Develop a New Psychology of Success

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    • 37,99 lei

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Discover the Ultimate Secret of Mind Control, Manipulation and Influence Everyone You Meet!

Are you tired of being taken advantage of or others taking credit for your work?

Would you like to be able to persuade your boss to give you a raise, your customers to buy from you, people to hang out with you?

The experts in human behavior and dark psychology agree that a human mind, despite its complexity, can be influenced. The techniques people proficient with this discipline use are incredibly subtle, hard to spot and even harder to resist.

If you've ever felt like your thoughts are not your own or been persuaded to a certain course of action, someone used dark psychology on you. This book will show you how to defend yourself from emotional and energy vampires, manipulators, and persuaders. But that's not all you get.

With this book, you'll develop the ability to control people around you, read the subtle signals and gestures and use them to your advantage! With a few simple words, you'll be able to change opinions, create an immediate bond and put yourself in the center of attention.

Here's what else you'll find inside this book:

- Techniques for reading body language and hidden signs people unconsciously give

- Persuasion and manipulation exercises

- Instructions on how to use your body, words, and tone of voice to make people do what you want them to

- NLP tactics to upgrade your communication skills

- Strategies to stop procrastination and become more productive

And so much more!

If you're still feeling skeptical about dark psychology and its branches, just think about those people in your private or professional life that seem to get everything they want without really working for it. Think about charismatic leaders, politicians and celebrities that you like, but can't exactly tell why. They all have something in common – they know how to present themselves, control their emotions, read your reactions, and act on them in a matter of seconds. They are using your body and your thoughts against you, and now, you can finally fight back!

Take control over your emotional reactions, learn the art of persuasion and defeat manipulators at their own game!

Health & Well-Being
21 April
Krystal Zhurov

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